Bedroom Bliss

It's almost time! It's almost time! I'm moving into my new apartment on Friday, and I'm absolutely buzzing with excited energy. Concetta and I have talked endlessly about this moment for months, and now that it's here, I'm not ready! I haven't even finished packing! That said, I'm so relieved that we discussed color schemes and the style that we want to stick to. This is the first time I've had a roommate who was on the same decor page as me, so it will be so refreshing to walk into a home that feels as equally mine as it does hers.

I've been living in a studio for the last year, and though I love it, it will be nice to have a room of my own- a space completely separate both physically and mentally from the rest of the world and all the stresses it brings. Right now my mind is jumbled up with gorgeous pictures that are inspiring me to decorate… should I paint white, clean walls and stick with a neutral, restful pallet? Should I go dark and moody? Luxe layers of bedding? Textures? My head is spinning just thinking of all the options! (… it's moments like these I turn to my beloved Domino back issues for guidance.)
{Via Ryan Korban, apartment of Petra Nemcova, Anthropologie, Design*Sponge}

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