The Book and the Bedroom

Being a creative writing major in college means a lot of things. It means learning to type faster than most people. It means smiling awkwardly when the kid who slightly resembles Jack from The Nightmare Before Christmas claims that you slightly resemble Lara Croft from Tomb Raider- but not level 4... level 5, because apparently that is the hottest one. (Yes, true story.)It also means that your bedroom is packed with books in every possible crevice of open space. I spent years stacking everything from Persuasion to The Great Gatsby to Brave New World to Scar Tissue into unkempt piles on the floor, on the desk, on the nightstand...

Finally I grew wise and bought a galvanized metal shelf that was meant for a garden but I found charming enough to display my precious friends. Now that I'm not in school anymore and have a huge new apartment, I have the option to relocate the bookcase. But I just can't.

I know many people disagree with the clutter of books and prefer the bedroom to be for beds only, but personally I love the personal touch, not to mention the color, that books add to a room.
{Via Martha Stewart Home)

{Via Design Wagen}

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