Defining Your Style

I had dinner with my future roommate last night, and over an egg white omlette (me) and a veggie burger (her), we discussed the style that we want to stick to when decorating our new 'big girl' apartment. We are determined, despite our limited budget, to have a well-decorated dwelling that we can be proud of. A place where wine nights and dinner parties can occur. But then came the big question... what exactly is our style?

My current apartment is filled with fuchsia and other bright, girlish accents. Concetta's is toned with warm colors, modern lines and a sense of humor (a Darth Vader mug to hold the remotes!). The result of our combined efforts? Girlie yet sophisticated, anchored in a soft gray. Warm wood tones and bright pops of color. Strong furniture lines and hot pink peonies... ugh is it April 1st yet??

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