Girl Crush: The Gorgeous Michelle Williams

Michelle, my belle. Of every girl that I have a style crush on (oh-ho! and there's many), she takes the cake. I don't just want to dress like her, I want to be her. She's adorable, gorgeous, unique, and she's made some fashion faux pas in the past- and that's exactly what I love about her. People aren't perfect, and neither is fashion- and it's nice to know that some celebs out there are willing to take some risks, whether they pay off or not. She has great style on and off the red carpet. Kudos to you, Michelle, you little pixie you!
Goodness, that purple dress is so exquisite. Should I ever become rich and famous, this is the EXACT dress that I would wear. Her date is pretty fantastic, too. RIP Heath. And her column Chanel dress is so simply stunning. 

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