A Light Exists in Spring

Living in Chicago is a love/hate kind of thing. Let's be honest: the winters here are brutal. I hate the long, dark and gloomy days that seem as though they'll never pass; i hate the grimy, white salt lines that saturates the boots I saved for months to buy; and I hate the layers upon bulky layers of thermal tops and sweaters and jackets and hats that ruin your hair.

But you know what? I love walking home from work at night when fresh snow is falling softly from the sky and making the road twinkle in front of me; I love hibernating inside my warm apartment, tucking my toes underneath my adorable boyfriend, reading a good book while sipping on hot tea;

...and I absolutely LOVE the turn of spring time, when the city melts its cold, wet layers to unearth fresh blooms of tulips and daisies that smell so wonderful. I love the blue sunny skies and even the romantic rainfalls. But most of all, I love getting my spring catalogues in the mail! Bold, eclectic patterns are everywhere this season! I'm having a love affair with the all of the breezy silhouettes and fun skirts. I adore the usual pastel pallets, but I'm so happy to see bright punches of peacock blue (one of my favorite colors) and marigold. Check out my top choices from two of my favorite stores:

Anthropologie… my haven. I could walk around that store for hours, staring at their gorgeous design aesthetic. *Update: I work at the Anthropologie in Milwaukee now!*

Free People. Sweet bohemian perfection. That marigold is so beautiful.

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