A Place to Rest My Head

When I first moved to Chi-Town, I had to bunk with my roommate because I didn't have a bed yet. Thank goodness my Dad saved the day and bought me a brand spankin new mattress set! It was appropriately named 'The Lindsay'. So now, when my boyfriend is on my side of the bed and I tell him, "Hey! That's mine!", and he says, "Is your name on it?", I can say "Yes, in fact it is."
(...that has never actually happened because Chris is not 7 years old, but the possibility of that scenario ran through my head as Dad swiped the credit card, and I was pleased.) Three long days later, the set arrived and it's been sweet dreams ever since. Except for one little detail... I don't have a headboard. Now, for some people, that may not seem like a necessity, but as writer and avid reader who loves to prop up in bed with a good book, the wall ain't cutting it.

Should I go tufted?

Or perhaps something more intricate?

A girl can dream, can't she? {Via Get the Looks,  The Estate of ThingsDesign Manifest}

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