Hack it baby

I'm going to Ikea today to buy some Swedish stuff. I'm in desperate need for some organization in my life! Ikea has very chic yet cheap as hell-o magazine dividers, photo boxes and wicker baskets. I'm also planning to hit up the bathroom section because our tooth brushes just look a bit sad lying there on the counter.

The Rast dresser, however, it the real reason I'm forcing my boyfriend up at 9am to brave the infamous Chicago traffic all the way to Shaumburg, IL. (I have to be at work later today, or I would have caught a few more Saturday ZZZs). I've seen post after ingenious post featuring DIYers who take the sturdy little Rast and transform it into a unique and very impressive piece for the home.
This is the Rast dresser in its original condition. Basic, plain. But, oh! the potential! I love a good Ikea hack!

This is the look I'll be going for... seems simple enough, right? Right? {Via Decorpad}

Same concept, interesting knobs. {Via Design Sponge}

Whimsical and sophisticated- perfect for a kid's room. If I had a kid. Which I don't. {Via Pinterest}

Ambitious, no? {Via Cherish Toronto}

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