All of my family is coming to visit me in about three weeks. That means I have three weeks to finish decoring the apartment- namely my bedroom. I spent my day off yesterday painting and the soft stone color (Dove Wing, Benjamin Moore) I chose for my bedroom is so much more mellow and soothing than that awful butter yellow. Now that I have the perfect paint, it's time to focus on the little details. I'm working on a very limited (aka non-existent) budget, so thankfully my sweet boyfriend let me have the desk top he no longer needed for his room. I got some legs the other day while on my Ikea Extravaganza, as well as the Rast dresser, which is slowly coming along, though I picked the wrong stain color *rookie mistake!*. Hopefully when all is finished, my room will have a similar vibe to these fab spaces!

This is the paired-down, neutral yet fresh color scheme I am going for. Love the turquoise and leafy green accents paired with bold black and white art and creamy walls. It's relaxing yet incredibly stylish.
I saw this apartment in Domino Magazine years ago and was amazed by how big and bright such a small place could appear! The walls were painted Dove Wing, and so that's the color I went with. It's chic and understated yet sophisticated.

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