Ikat Inspiration

As a cultural studies minor in college, I was always interested in the fabrics of other cultures: how they dyed them, what they used them for, what colors they chose and what those colors signified. I loved the rich silks of China and the regal furs traded within Russia and other Eastern European countries. And like most interior design obsessees (yes, I made that a word...), I swooned over Uzbekistanian and Indonesian ikat-dyed fabrics. 

So many fabulous colors! Don't you love the organic patterns the dye creates? Traditional Eurpoean lines meet earthy texture.
This bright purple compliments the neutral room. Ikats are a perfect 'accent' fabric because they have a lot of graphic appeal to a room and the vivid dyes really pop.
This works because though the pattern is bold, the colors are neutral and play well off each other. The sofa's clean lines also keep the room from appearing too busy.
Ikat fabric is also gorgeous when it comes to fashion.
Gucci Ikat print dress
MZ Wallace handbag. Uh, love this so much!

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