A Life of B's: Bright, Bold, Beautiful

So I got blitz-attacked this morning by our landlord coming to check on our heater situation. Not only was our apartment an absolute mess (yikes!), it turns out, we were never supposed to paint... and she was not happy to see her yellow walls painted a sumptuous Chocolate Froth (by Behr). She 'kindly' reminded me of the terms of our lease, but admitted we did a good job and said we could continue to paint as long as we kept the colors neutral. That's all well and good, seeing as how Cetta and I happen to like neutral colors... expect now I feel tempted. It's as if someone has said "don't push the red button"... and now all I wanna do is push it- push that red button and paint our apartment in bright, bold and beautiful colors! Ah well. I will just have to settle for sitting in my wonderful, chocolate frothy apartment while gazing longingly at these daring rooms.

{Via re-nestEnglish Muse, Aurelian Ball, Special to Woman, unknown}

*pictures of our frothy apartment soon to come!*

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  1. Aw...thanks Lindsay! Yes...your periwinkle bedroom...that was such a cute room! The black feather boa twisted around your curtain rod was the perfect accent to match your collection of pandas. I'll never forger that room!!! And you in it...miss you sweetie pie!

    I can't figure out how to use the comment option so have to write this anonomously...but if you haven't figured it out by now, it's Lindsay's momma.


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