Beachy Keen: Happy Memorial Day!

Happy Memorial Day ladies and gents! I hope everyone is having a fantastic day off, enjoying the sunshine that so rarely graces us with its Vitamin D-filled presence. Now, I'm not usually one to simply copy and paste. That is neither creative nor inspiring. However, I came across these beautiful engagement photos at one of my favorite blogs, The Alternative Wife, and I felt that they so perfectly captured all that I'm longing to do today that I had to share! First off, what a gorgeous couple! Her vintage bathing suit and stunning sea-green dress have me drooling. And I love his little hats! I'm beyond envious, seeing as my boyfriend is out of town this weekend and I'm stuck at work. There really is nothing I'd rather be doing than frolicking along the shore at North Ave. Beach with crazy awesome vintage style. Oh, wistfullness.
{Via The Alternative Wife}

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