Deep Fried and Delicious

The Texas State Fair is the largest fair in America. My parents took my brothers and me almost every year growing up and there were two things I looked forward to most... the ferris wheel (also the largest in America) and the fried foods! They fry everything in Texas, even the Dr. Pepper, but my favorite was the classic Corny Dog. And do NOT say Corn Dog. You are wrong. I was so excited to see the post on Design Sponge yesterday about Matt Armendariz's new book Food On A Stick. Ugh, DEE-LISH.
See Matt's quirky food photography at his blog, Matt Bites.
{Via Design Sponge, Photo by Matt Armendariz}

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  1. One of the best things about fried foods at the fair, besides their delishisness, is the fact that they are no way healthy/good for you which makes eating them even better! Fletchers corny dogs, deep fried chocolate truffles, fried Frito pie!! Urgh! So yummy! Only 4 more months!


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