The Lightbulb Is On *Warning: Heart-felt Post Ahead*

When I started this blog a couple months ago, I was in a dark place within my head. I had just graduated and life seemed to be changing so quickly and yet not changing at all. I had naively assumed life would fall into place once I was out of school; that a job I was passionate about would land in my lap like a lovely wrapped package- a gift for all my hard work and personal life stuggles. But alas, there was no pretty package, and there certainly was no dream job. And how could there have been when I was unclear as to what my dreams really were? I had a creative writing degree but no ambitions of being America's next great novelist. The idea of a cubicle terrified me, but I wanted the stability of a 9-5 job. I felt frozen with indecision. All I knew for sure was that I loved looking at decor blogs, and so I decided to start one as a way to pass downtime at work and inject a little creativity into my boring days working the same job I had during undergrad.

This blog has lit a lightbulb inside that has been turned off for quite some time. Instead of frozen, I feel secure in the job I have to allow for time to really think about what I want to do. I'm so inspired by the passion that fellow bloggers have, and that inspiration has lead me to a path I had thought about since high school, but was too scared to follow. I'm following my love for text and image- I'm going back to school for Graphic Design. In the meantime I will be slowly re-learning Photoshop, thinking hard about ways to make this blog unique to me and my passions, and I will love every minute of it. I want to thank everyone who reads and supports my blog- you will never know what you have done for this girl's soul.

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  1. Hi Lindsay! It happens to the best of us. Craig did just the same thing you are doing. He started with tech school for the automotive industry, and decided it was not for him. Then he decided to learn plumbing and be a plumber like his dad. And that wasn't right for him. So, then he went back to school to MSOE for his Engineering degree. He has graduated and has a job he likes now..... You will find your passion! I know you have it in you!! Love, Aunt Vickie


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