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Sorry for the delay, everyone! I've had a busy Mother's Day weekend, as well as a bit of a cold, but I'm back! I've decided that in addition to Color Therapy Thursdays, every Tuesday I will feature a Shout Out!! to a talented individual who inspires me. First up? My friend and dynamic photographer, Elise Hibbard. She has such a unique vision and her creative drive is only exceeded by her passion. This girl doesn't just take pictures, she tells a story. Here are some of my favorite photos from Elise's amazing collections:
Learn more about Elise at her website, Elise Marie Photography. I personally know how hard it is to beat the post-grad slump and I mentally cheer on Elise with every photo she takes. If you would like to patronize the arts, I highly encourage you to click Here. I can think of no one who deserves the support more. Her goal, in summary:

"The first year after graduating seems to be the most crucial for every artist trying to keep their art practice going. The support system that is set up to make successful artists will be gone and it will become our responsibility to continue making art and creating a support system of our own outside of the classroom. Beginning the day after graduation, I will take one photo a day for the first full year I am out of school. This is my attempt at not becoming another statistic and forcing myself to keep turning out work. At the end of the year I'd like to curate and exhibit a selection of the images in a show. The money that I raise will be used for things like equipment rental, upkeep and fees, props, wardrobe, location fees, travel expenses and the cost of exhibiting at the end of the year."
Keep on keepin on, my friend!

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