Ever since I was little, and by little I'm talkin infancy, I had an obsession with pandas. My very first stuffed animal was a panda, brilliantly named Panda, and I was hooked from that day forward. He would lay beside me in my crib, watching over me with glossy, protective eyes and I felt comforted. When I was big enough to hold him, I took him with me everywhere- in the car, on planes, to the park, to birthday parties. It quickly caught on within the family that Lindsay loved pandas, and it became the 'go-to' gift for every occasion... which explains why I now have pandas everywhere. I've trimmed down my collection to just the 'bear' essentials (get it?? ha!) but I still have a pretty big collection. What are some collections/tchotchkes that you have? Do you hide them or proudly display them? How do you incorporate them into your decor?
{Via Apartment Therapy, Love Where You Live, Belle Maison}
*And yes, I do have a panda Pez dispenser- courtesy of my Dad :)


  1. i have star wars toys and plastic dinosaurs. i proudly display them in my own room because i don't want to overwhelm my panda-loving roommate with nerd toys.

  2. I have a fairly decent amount of owls that have infiltrated the majority of my life... all around at home, on my desk at work, on my keychain, and even a little spot on the bod. What can I say, I'm trying to channel their wisdom everywhere.

  3. I know you already know this but mine is Fleur de lis! Ever since I came back from visiting Paris, I've been hooked. Thanks to Hobby Lobby I can easily fulfill my obsession (usually at 50% off!) and they easily fit into my decor! I can't wait until I move into a house so I can buy MOORREEE! Muwhahahaha! :)


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