In A Bind...

Remember that Ikea Rast dresser I purchased on the Ikea extravaganza I forced my sweet boyfriend to take me to? Well, I'm having some... issues.

I originally wanted to stain it a beautiful mid-century blonde, but the color I chose was all sorts of wrong. Instead of looking warm and modern, it looked like the cheap-o contemporary-style office furniture you buy at Office Max. Gross. So, I sanded and restained the only color that would cover it- classic black. I like it! Adds a nice weight to the tiny (but mighty) stature. I thought the contrast of white drawers would look nice. Nope. Wrong. Ugh. Again with the sanding- which, btdubs, is much harder than all those DIY people seem to make it. My last ditch effort is to paint a bright shade of color onto the drawers and then distress the whole thing. Very boho/vintage/found this at a great flea market.(In theory.) We'll see.
{Via Something Blond, Prairie Perch, Design Sponge, Design Sponge, Southern Hospitality, Copper West}

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