Keep On Truckin, Chicago

I went to the Guerrilla Art Fair in the West Loop- aka my new FAVORITE neighborhood in Chicago- yesterday with Elise and it was incredible! The four blocks that make up the intersection were filled with 'truck installations'... trucks supporting trailors where the artists built, painted, grew, and showcased their amazing works. There was a little of everything, from recycled materials made into gorgeous furniture to fashioned light fixtures to multimedia collages and paintings; there were volunteers selling grilled burgers (delicious!) for donations to support the arts and even an awesome jazz band where the cutest kid and his balloon stopped to dance for awhile. Such a fantastic night!
My pictures were pretty blurry because they were taken with my camera phone, and I didn't really take that many anyway- I was too wrapped up in the amazingness that was happening around me. I have a tendency to work and worry a lot, and with your head down all the time, it's easy to forget about the incredible things going on in Chicago. I cannot express how happy I am that Elise invited me along with her. Rather than take my exhausted butt home for a nap, I went out with my head up and eyes open- and I had the best time. Despite all the crummy/unpredictable weather, Chicago never ceases to amaze me.

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