chill in the air

It's beginning to cool down and I couldn't be happier! I am not a summer worshiper by any stretch of the imagination. Don't get me wrong, I love the sunshine, long days spent at the beach, barbeques and flip flops. It's just that I hate, more than anything, to be hot and sticky. I get so irritable sitting there in a muggy, almost damp room peeling the backs of my legs from the leather seat, lamenting the fact that I can only remove so many layers before I'm deemed inappropriate by society while itching my mosquito bites and running my fidgedy hands though my frizzy tresses. Did I mention I have curly hair? I do. My hair and summer are not friends. I'm also pretty pale. So my skin and summer are not friends either.

No, I much prefer autumn, my favorite season since I learned that seasons had names. I love chilly breezes absorbed by soft cashmere sweaters. I love apple cider. I love the warmth of nutmeg. I love watching the leaves turn from red to orange to gold before falling to the ground in rustling heaps. Toasty smells, pumpkin picking, hearty stews, hay rides, leather riding boots, scarves, oh, scarves!. And of course, autumn means that October is fast approaching. Everything good happens in October. It's pure magic.

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