A Life In Progress

I spent all Friday cleaning and rearranging my room (whew!) and that was why I didn't post that day. My bed is now against the north facing wall with my huge window acting as my headboard. I was hesitant to do this for two reasons: 1. I eventually really want a badass headboard, and I don't believe in partially blocking natural light sources. It's bad energy. 2. I am not nor do I assume I will ever be a morning person, and my head so close to said natural light source may infringe upon my beauty sleep in the morning. Ah! Decisions.

But the result is much more pleasant that I had imagined.My bed is by far the prettiest part of my room at the moment, and it now firmly anchors the space as it is centered smack dab in the middle. My room feels so much bigger and the layout is much more accessible than it had been when the bed cut off half the room. My only complaint is that the radiator to the right of my bed makes that side impossible to decorate because it's now lopsided and a nightstand won't fit. Grrr. I need shelves. Stat.

I desperately need to settle on a color scheme. As I get older, all that purple is beginning to seem a tad childish. I also need a rug, preferably of the colorful and circular nature. And curtains. Dip-dyed. I love that look. While I'm at it, I should finally figure out what to do with that damn Ikea hack I started but can't seem to get quite right. Ooooh! And I need a huge fancy gold mirror to stand up for my beauty station. Yeah, I have a beauty station. It's next to my bedroom's only outlet. Sheesh. (Bet you didn't know I have ADD till this post, huh?) Goodness...

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