Autumn Appropriate

It's getting cold outside! I'm so excited for fall to be here. One of my favorite fashion challenges is the in-between period when you're not quite ready to stow away the summer clothes and it's getting chilly enough to wear those thicker layers. I'm a broke college grad at the moment, so I always try to buy clothes that I consider multi-purpose; clothes that easily translate from one season to the next or that can be worn with many different items.

Some tips that work for me? I try to think of each item as a potential layer. Remember that denim is universal. High-waisted shorts and flowy dresses or skirts get extra milage when paired with tights (opaque when cool, wool when cold) or a great jacket. Loose top? Structured bottom. Vice/Versa. Focus on bright, saturated hues that look great alone or with classic neutrals, and stay away from small, busy prints. Simple, large florals or stripes are easier to mix and match.

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