On Inspiration

Sometimes it's just hard to come by, ya know? As of now, I'm not one of the lucky ones- the ones who pursue passion for a living instead of working just to pay the bills. (You know who you are, you lucky ducks.) I work in a field that doesn't exactly get the creative juices flowing. As a receptionist, I answer phones and I check in clients who spend almost 10X as much for a one hour massage as I get paid for that same hour. My job, though mundane, is by no means awful; in fact I really enjoy being the person who welcomes someone into the better part of their day. I'm just saying it's not very artistically inspiring, nor is it what I want as my career.

I want passion in my life. I want art and color and freedom. So I decided to go back to school in January for graphic design. The day I made that decision, it felt so right that I cried. That feeling is what drives me though  days like today. Sometimes I feel like I don't have it in me, like the job just zaps every creative impulse. This blog has helped tremendously, but even this is hard sometimes. It seems as though I'm in a bit of a funk, and I need your help. I'm curious to know how some of you get over your creative slumps? What do you do to keep you in the habit of pushing through? What inspires you?

*Sorry for the late post, it's just been that kinda day...

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  1. You know what inspires me? The drive, the passion, the sheer animal instinct to keep on going no matter what obstacles fall in your way.

    Even if you feel like what you're doing isn't that much, you never know the kind of effect it can have on others. Take a step back, and look at the people around you. They're trying to find their light too.

    Take a deep breath, and realize that the air you breathe in the same air that flows across this entire world, the same air being inhaled and exhaled by the planet itself.

    Stop for a moment, and soak in the rain or the sun or the clouds that are above you. It's the same rain and sun and clouds that others just like you are soaking in too.

    That's what inspires me.


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