Back to Life, Back to Reality

Hi there! I'm back and ready to blog again, as you can clearly see based on the fact that you are indeed reading this! Over the last few weeks, I've given a lot of thought as to why I started this blog in the first place and what I was looking to accomplish with it. I realized that I was simply looking for a way to catalog all of the gorgeous images I was finding. I was continually inspired by each of them, but didn't know where to go from there. This blog was a fun way to sort through all that inspiration, kind of like a stream of concious visual journal if you will. And like a journal, I had no real goals. This was the only place I had that was simply for me. My little page in the universe where I could write to no one and keep a running list of others who inspired me.

Now here comes the big BUT: the more I looked at those other blogs and their successes (followers, ad space, ah!), the more I felt inadequate in my own abilities, and therefore I got burned out. I wasn't inspired anymore, and the blog became something I felt I had to do rather than loved to do. So I've decided to just do what I want, because really... why not? This space isn't even a blip on the internet's radar, and that thought is actually pretty freeing. When I wanna post, I'll post. And it will be pretty, that much I can tell you! And if I just don't feel up to it that day? I won't. Whew! So that's all. I'm back. And so are the pretty pictures...

Karen Elson photographed by Mario Testino and styled by Grace Coddington for Vogue Magazine
 March 2008

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