back into the wild

I had a bit of a wake up call on Saturday. I fainted as I exited the train getting to work. I landed on concrete, split my lip, banged up my knee... it was not pretty. After the ER visit, I realized that I've been internalizing a lot of stress lately, and that stress has led me to make some not-so-healthy decisions that I'm fairly certain to be the culprit. I've been indulging a bit too much in comfort food and wine in an effort to make myself feel better. For someone with Crohn's disease (yeah, I have it... did I ever mentioned that?), that's basically a recipe for disaster. Something needs to change.
I came across these images from one of my favorite photographers, Sully Sullivan of Oh Sully!, and I was as mesmerized by the carefree smiles and lighthearted fun as I was by the stunning landscapes. It's time I learned to de-stress in healthier ways. I need some of this in my life...

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  1. great pics! Hope you are feeling alright now and can relax with the holiday weekend. :) xoxo


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