AH! It's Decemeber 1st! Which means it's almost January! You know what that means? My birthday's around the corner, for one. But also, that this college grad is going back to school soon. Turns out graphic design is where it's at. I'm freaking out, just a smidge. I actually really love school when I'm learning something I'm truly insterested in. It's the mandatory classes I'm not so interested in that get my panties in a whirl. I barely passed physics the first time. No need to revisit that dark period of my life, right??

But then I see amazing design from the talented likes of Scott Allen Hill. And I realize I'm fully prepared to do whatever it takes to get on his level. Bring it, physics.

**Also, I don't know if you read this, GiGi, but I just wanted to say on some public level how proud of you I am. You are an incredible writer and one of the sweetest people I know. I'm proud to be your cousin.

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